Consulting for Operational Excellence

Know-how, Experience and Tools

Experience of successful supplier taskforce and turnaround projects in combination with a field proven and ready-to-use tool set provide fast and sustainable improvements in shop floor management, production planning and supply chain.

Ramp-up and Maturity Management

Increase product and process maturity to mitigate risk for new product introduction. Our ramp-up and maturity management focuses on all elements to be aligned and taken into consideration ensuring a successful SOP and beyond. Benefit from our vast experience of more than 15 years in challenging automotive industry product launches and continious improvement projects.

Digitalization of production processes

Product- and process maturity scans, production and process data collection and analysis, information and escalation routines, IIoT and adaptation of machine learning and AI are the major steps we take to get our customers ready for a bright and digital future.

Supplier development

Analysis of weak points using standardized robustness checks with a focus on production and inventory data, capacities, quality data acquisition, logistics control loops and bottlenecks ensure a clear understanding of the current situation. In numerous successful Taskforces and turnaround projects proven concepts and experienced consultants with a lean manufacturing background guarantee a quick implementation of the improvement measures and the implementation of our factoryworkx tools ensure sustainable improvements with significant cost savings.

Cloud migration

As a Software-as-a-Service provider and Amazon Technology Partner, we are the competent partner for your path to a successful cloud strategy implementation tailored to the specific needs of your business. We do not only understand the cloud-specifics but also the production-specific issues in this context. Whether it is full cloud, hybrid or on-premise solutions, serverless architectures, load balances or price models or questions about cloud security, with metrologx you have the right partner on site.

AWS Technology Partner

As AWS technology partner we provide and support software-as-a-service solutions which are integrated in the AWS cloud infrastructure and platform and combine it with custom tailored business solutions to ensure the maximum benefit for your business.

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    What is Operational Excellence (Opex)?

    Operational excellence is a management concept and corporate strategy that aims continuously improving operational efficiency, quality, productivity and customer orientation of a company with the aim of achieving excellence in all areas of the company and achieving sustainable competitiveness. 

    With our many years of experience in task forces and turnaround projects, mostly in the automotive supplier management environment and often in the form of demanding start-up management and maturity management tasks, we continuously and sustainably improve the operational performance of your company by:

    • Help identify and improve inefficient processes
    • Reduce defects through the implementation of quality controls and thus increase customer satisfaction
    • increase the flexibility and adaptability of the company by introducing agile methods and thus make the company more innovative
    • involve employees in the improvement process, which is reflected in higher motivation and employee engagement
    • Contribute to sustainable corporate governance through a consistent focus on operational excellence, which is reflected in the reduction of waste and efficient use of resources, thus resulting in significant competitive advantages, long-term success and continuous improvement.
    • In order to implement these goals, in addition to appropriately trained methodological procedures we also use (mostly) self-developed hardware and software that is cloud-based and thus quickly and scalable, helping us to achieve quick and sustainable success here.


metrologx robustness check, a field proven approach to identify weaknesses and focus on the performance enablers.



Ready to use and quickly implemented software tool suite ensure quick wins and sustainable improvements.


Shop floor and operational excellence experience gained in Lean Manufacturing, turnaround and supplier taskforce projects.


Access to machine learning and KI due to Amazon Web Services background and expertise.